We specialize in

Customized Lean Six Sigma and Lean Supplier Development services.

Whether your organization is new to Lean Six Sigma and Lean Supplier Development methods, looking to enhance your current programs, or struggling to solve one or more chronic problem areas, we can customize an approach to meet your strategic needs.

How can these areas help?

Lean Six Sigma combines Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to help organizations reduce costs and increase profitability. This is accomplished primarily through reductions in non-value added activity (waste) and process variation. This leads to improved quality, delivery, and service.

Lean Supplier Development is focused on transferring knowledge and applications of Lean from within organizations to key suppliers and distributors in the supply chain, to help improve overall performance of the supply chain.

Lean Supplier Development is the next level of Lean transformation. Organization such as Toyota, Cummins, John Deere, Johnson & Johnson, and General Electric have successfully implemented similar programs.

Many organizations understand that Lean Supplier Development can help improve overall supply chain quality, deliver, and service levels, and reduce total cost (inventory + receiving inspection + transportation, etc.).  However, they do not have the resources or budget to accommodate areas that may not provide immediate or short-term cost reductions.

That’s where we can help!  We will work collaboratively with your internal teams, key suppliers, and distributors to proactively meet your strategic needs cost effectively.  Contact us for more information.
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